About the Giordano Family Series

An interview with the author…

What makes the Giordano Family Series different?

This series started as a simple friends to lovers series. But the characters had other plans. This book turned into a twisty-turny, dark, gritty, urban journey to happily ever after for complex, flawed characters who want one thing – to be themselves, completely and fully. 

The Giordano series is about characters who walk the line of right and wrong (mostly on the wrong side of the law) to get what they want and to protect what they hold dear – family. The men and women in the family embark on journeys to find the love they didn’t know wanted in order to get what they didn’t know they needed.

Why a Mafia family?

Why not? Mafia men and bad boys need love too. Plus I love the anti-hero/heroine. The character that you love to hate, that you shouldn’t be rooting for to win but you can (kinda) understand their reasons they became who they did. They believe in family and will do what it takes to protect the people they love – even killing someone.

Are these books dark?

Yes. But not in the traditional sense. There are situations where morals and ethics come into conflict, where that fine line is walked, crossed and stomped on – hard! But there is no dubious consent. There are situations that are not for the weak or faint of heart. If you like beta men who are essentially good, sweet and romantic – these aren’t the books for you. If you like strong alpha men, not alpha a$$holes, then you will enjoy these books.

To me, a dark romance is one that has an anti-hero, a villain type or a character who would be the antagonist as the hero and (might) totally mindf*ck you. The usual lines of morality and good are distorted and blurred. These are the men, bad boys and thugs who you wouldn’t want to mess with in real life, but are oh so interesting to read about. But they all have a code – a line they will not cross. These are men (and women) who have had bad things happen to them, have seen the seedy underbelly of life, the dangerous, broken and shattered parts of society and the dark side of humanity. And are fighting for their lives, their loves and their families.

Bound to the Hitman - Book 1

The dark side of their world never looked so attractive.

Stefano Giordano wields a weapon as well as he blends in. His job as the family hitman demands it. Unfortunately, it also demands that he settle into in an arranged marriage that he’ll do anything to get out of. When his best friend offers a solution, Stefano discovers that a fake engagement might be the answer to all his problems. Until murder gets in the way.

Katina Parrish knows danger. Her best friend lives and breathes it, and she’s even seen him take a life to protect her. Just because she can trust him with her life, doesn’t mean she can trust him with her heart, though.

Secrets from the past never stay buried, though. Katina finds her life in danger, once again, and nowhere to turn except Stefano How far will he have to go to protect her? Can their friendship survive the threats on all sides? Will their love find a way to blossom, or will the darkness they live in swallow everything they stand for? 

This Mafia Romance meets Romeo Must Die and The Proposal is a gritty, urban tale filled with twisty-turny drama in a new, dark contemporary romance series.

Bound By His Child - Book 2

The truth always comes out.

She has his son but she doesn’t know who he really is.

He’s second in command. He’s not going to let her go easily.

Bound By Their Vows - Book 3

There’s only one way out of a mafia family – in a casket.