“In Detroit’s deadly underworld, can love conquer betrayal and power struggles?

In the shadowy depths of Detroit’s criminal underworld, Stefano ‘Salvatore’ Giordano, a feared mafia hitman, must navigate the treacherous landscape of the Detroit Crime Syndicate. When he proposes a fake engagement to his best friend, Katina Parrish, to dodge an arranged marriage, their lives become dangerously intertwined. Together, they face deadly power struggles, betrayal, and the resurgence of buried secrets. As Stefano rises to power, their faux relationship ignites genuine emotions, testing their loyalty and trust. Amid the chaos, they must determine if their love can withstand the brutality of the mob world or if it will be torn apart by the very forces they seek to conque

About the Detroit Crime Syndicate Series

An interview with the author…

What makes this series different?

This series started as a simple best friends-to-lovers, fake engagement series. But the characters had other plans (they often do). This book turned into a twisty-turny, dark, gritty, urban journey to happily ever after for complex, flawed characters who want one thing – to be themselves, completely and fully.

The Detroit Crime Syndicate series is about characters who walk the fine line of right and wrong (mostly on the wrong side of the law) to get what they want and to protect what they hold dear – family. Stefano and Katina embark on a journey to find the love they didn’t know they wanted, to get what they didn’t know they needed – each other.

Why a Mafia family?

Why not? Mafia men and bad boys need love too. Plus I love the anti-hero/heroine. The character that you love to hate, that you shouldn’t be rooting for to win but you can (kinda) understand the reasons they became who they did. They believe in family and will do what it takes to protect the people they love – even killing someone.

Are these books dark?

Yes. But not in the traditional sense. There are situations where morals and ethics come into conflict, where that fine line is walked, crossed, and stomped on – hard! But there is no dubious consent. Some situations are not for the weak or faint of heart. If you like beta men who are essentially good, sweet, and romantic – these aren’t the books for you. If you like strong alpha men, not alpha a$$holes, then I think you will enjoy these books.

To me, a dark romance has an anti-hero, a villain type, or a character who would be the antagonist as the hero and (might) totally mindf*ck you. The usual lines of morality and good are distorted and blurred. These are the men, bad boys, and thugs who you wouldn’t want to mess with in real life, but are oh-so interesting to read about. But they all have a code – a line they will not cross. These men (and women) have had bad things happen to them, and have seen the seedy underbelly of life. They have lived and survived, the dangerous, broken, and shattered parts of society, and the dark side of humanity. And are fighting for their lives, their loves, and their families.

Why Detroit?

Why not Detroit? Detroit is my hometown. I am a Detroiter through and through, born and raised on the west side of the city. I love my city. And it’s the perfect setting for this story given its history. And I think it makes the perfect character in this series.

Will the other siblings get their own books and series?

Yes. The Giordano Family Series will focus on Stefano’s siblings (all of them – potentially) as they navigate love and life amid all the drama that comes with being adjacent to the mob.

Will the other families in the Detroit Crime Syndicate get a series?

Maybe. If there is enough interest, who knows what will happen.


Dangerous Affairs

Katina Parrish thought she could keep the mafia at arm’s length. While aware of the dangerous world her best friend, Stefano ‘Salvatore’ Giordano, operates in, she’s stayed clear of its deadly grip. But when Stefano proposes a fake engagement to escape an arranged marriage, Katina finds herself entangled in the world of Detroit’s Crime Syndicate.

Stefano and Katina’s friendship was forged years ago after a traumatic event where he rescued her, helping her heal. She gave him a place of peace and understanding. Now, as they navigate the perilous waters of mafia politics and simmering vendettas, their fake engagement begins to stir real feelings.

Trust is the ultimate commodity, loyalty a rare luxury, and betrayal just a heartbeat away. Their fake engagement creates ripples that no one foresaw.

Stefano must confront the violent world he was born into and the fears that haunt him to protect his heart and his fiancée. Can he keep her safe? Or will an unexpected rivalry lead to his downfall? Will their friendship survive their feelings and the mob? Can their emerging love withstand the brutality of the Detroit Crime Syndicate?

Dive into this thrilling tale of love, danger, and high-stakes drama.

Perfect for fans of romantic suspense and mafia romance, Dangerous Affairs will keep you on the edge of your seat. Will love conquer even the darkest of shadows? Find out in this gripping story of loyalty, passion, and survival.

Dangerous Bonds

With his love kidnapped by a ruthless rival, a mafia hitman must navigate the treacherous criminal underworld to rescue her, risking everything for vengeance and love.

Dangerous Ties

As betrayals threaten to tear the mafia family apart, a hitman and his partner must uncover the traitor within and strengthen their alliance, bound by honor and love..

Dangerous Vows

 In the midst of a brutal mafia war, a hitman and his partner must make personal sacrifices otect their family and solidify their power, bound by blood and unyielding love.

Dangerous Liasons

As their wedding approaches, a mafia hitman and his partner face final challenges and deadly enemies, securing their legacy and embracing their destiny together.